school events


An array of interschool competitions - Praestantia 2017  was organized  on 26 August 2017, as a Microsoft Showcase School Event by Zenith Wing of our school and was supported by Microsoft partners The event showcased various online and offline Events. Inspiring Excellence as the aim, the Zenith Wing of our school incorporates technology in Education creating experiences that stimulate the development of essential life skills like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Fancy Dress on Microsoft Tool, MS Speakup, Colourfield using MS Paint, Opinion Opus using MS Word, Food- O- Magic using MS Powerpoint, Docudrama using Photostory 3, Waste Management using MS Moviemaker, Quizzer using MS Excel, Gaming on Kodu, Quizzical using Microsoft Forms and Kahoot Quiz, Sway it Mix it using MS Sway were the various Edutech competitions organized for schools not only within Delhi, but also for some schools outside Delhi. The event has been a great success as it has not only facilitated the students? learning but also proven to boost their capacity, productivity, and performance.