The Dream is not what you see in sleep, Dream is which does not let you sleep.

- Dr. Abdul Kalam

Portofolio Management - Role of Students

House System

The tradition of House System is an important part of school education. The foremost responsibility is to ensure a space free of prejudice and repression for young minds to think and develop, to shoulder responsibilities, to participate in activities and to groom and enhance their personality. The system is essentially the backbone of the discipline of the school.

The Houses contribute in maintaining cleanliness, conducting assemblies, organizing celebration on festivals and special days, competitions - co-curricular and extra curricular. SPECTRUM - The Annual Inter House Cultural Fiesta enables each and every student to showcase her/his talent in multiple cultural and sports activities. Trophies and certificates are awarded to deserving students and Houses in recognition of their talent and effort.


To explore the possible positive impact of the House System, to inculcate organizational skills and confidence and to develop a sense of responsibility among students of all age groups, the Houses are grouped according to the following classes.

Group Classes Group Classes
Sub Junior II & III Sub senior VII-IX
Junior IV-VI Senior X-XII

A. Each group except 'Sub Junior' has its own Student Council consisting of:-

1. Head Boy
2. Head Girl
3. Deputy Head Boy
4. Deputy Head Girl
5. Secretary (Boy)
6. Secretary (Girl)
7. Deputy Secretary (Boy)
8. Deputy Secretary (Girl)
9. Canteen Manager (Two Boys)
10. Canteen Manager (Two Girls)
11. Floor Manager (Boy)
12. Floor Manager (Girl)
13. Discipline Manager (Boy)
14. Discipline Manager (Girl)

B. Floor Representatives: 5 from each class (One from each House). Other than Council members, there will be 5 Floor Representatives from a class for each floor who will be on duty on rotation basis throughout the session.

C. Besides this, each House has a very active Prefectorial Board which manages discipline, morning assembly and other activities of its group during the House duty tenure.

Each House consists of:
Prefects Boys (Two) From Class XII
  Girls (Two)  
Vice Prefects Boys (Two) From Class XI
  Girls (Two)  
The team is supported and guided by House teachers who have also been grouped accordingly.

House Calendar 2016-17

S.No. No. and Name of House
(Colour & Tagline)
Tenure I Tenure II & III
1. IV Freedom
(Manifest Potential)
1 April - 30 April 2016 4 Oct - 28 Oct 2-16
8 Feb - 14 Feb 2017
2. V Courage
(Green) (Surge Ahead)
2 May - 20 May 2016
1 July - 8 July 2016
2 Nov. - 23 Nov. 20 15 Feb. - 20 Feb. 2017
3. I Modesty
(Help Ever - Hurt Never)
11 July - 4 Aug 2016 24 Nov. - 15 Dec. 2016
21 Feb - 27 Feb 2017
4. II Enterprise
(Explore New Vistas)
5 Aug. - 3 Sept. 2016 16 Dec 2016 - 17 Jan 2017
& 28 Feb - 4 March 2017
5. III Dignity
(Red) (Foster Leadership)
6 Sept. - 3 Oct. 2016 18 Jan. - 7 Feb 2017 6 March - 10 March 2017

House Projects

Each House is assigned a project for a session in which students and teachers of the House work together and initiate activities to sensitize and bring commitment in students for school, society and nation. It will be step towards students being responsible and proud citizens.

Eco-Initiatives 2016-17

Enterprise - Go Green Drive      Modesty - Garbage Management

Dignity - Save Water Resources      Freedom - Say No to Polythene, Go Green

Courage - Save Energy

Class Representatives

Two students with qualities of head, heart and hand from each section of class are selected as CR by the class teacher in consultation with other subject teachers. They have to look after the discipline of the fellow students, check illbehaviour, neatness and uniform and maintain dignity, harmony and healthy decorum of the class. They should set a good example through their own exemplary behaviour. They are responsible for the judicious use of the class pass for movement of the students of their class.