Annual Report

The vision of DAV organization is to educate the youth of the world to take their productive place as leaders in the global community by providing a challenging academic environment emphasizing learning, as well as social and personal growth. It is a matter of great pride and honour that Shri Punam Suri, President, DAVCMC was conferred the prestigious Padma Shri Award by President of India for his tireless services to the cause of education andhis efforts in reawakening Aryan culture and values.

DLDAV Pitampura is about the spirit, morals and ethics of life. The spirit that makes human beings humane, pervades the school and guides the students in their aspirations and goals. 'Look up and aim high' - the school urges them to do something worthwhile in life. Backed by an invigorating atmosphere, global creative curriculum, first class facilities, collaborative culture, the school equips the students to face future challenges.

Excellence is not an exception but a prevailing attitude in the school. It steers the child from gathering information to assimilation and finally utilization.

The school secured 100% pass percentage in the All India CBSE class XII Board Examination with QPI 79.8%. 64 students i.e. 21.4% of students secured 90% and above. 189 students i.e 63.4% of students secured distinctions in all five subjects. Lakshay Saggi and Varun Maheshwari, our Science and commerce toppers secured 97.4% and 96.2% and our humanities topper Arpita Soumya secured 96.6%. Lakshay Saggi bagged the highest PCM i.e. 98.3% and Highest PCC 97.6. Varsha Verma secured highest PCEG 96.6% while Yuvraj bagged the highest PCB with 95%. Our Vocational Topper was Nikhil Gandhi with 93.6%. Varun Maheshwari secured 100 marks in Economics and Nishtha Grover and Aman Sharma secured 100 marks in Fine Arts. It is a matter of great pride that our Maths and Science wizard Lakshay Saggi secured All India 78 rank in IIT mains and has taken admission in IIT, Delhi. 5 other students have taken admission in IIT, 5 in NSIT, 10 in DTU, 4 in MBBS colleges in different states, 1 in LSR and most other in reputed professional colleges & colleges of Delhi University.

The school has witnessed spectacular growth and maintains its position among the top most schools. It secured 4th Position in Leaders Category of North West Schools of Delhi in Times Schools Survey 2017 conducted by the Times of India.

As per Education World India School Ranking 2017, the school is among Best 100 schools with Rank 94, from top 1000 education institutions of India. The school is among 500 schools out of 3000 in the country to be in Best Category in School Rating conducted by Careers 360, a popular school Journal. The ranks are undoubtedly a confirmation of the school's commitment to address the changing paradigms in education, the challenges ahead and the solutions thereof. It speaks volumes about the continued support and relentless team efforts of management, staff, parents and students. The ranks also inspire us to work meticulously to mould the school into a centre of excellence.

The steadfast unrelenting desire to excel in every segment has brought back glory and laurels to school.

Students have excelled in sports and bagged outstanding positions in different events.

Introduced for the first time, the Global Education Leadership School Stakeholders Awards 2017 were received by School, School Manager Mrs. Adarsh Kohli, Principal, teacher Mrs. Gargi Chhabra, student Muskaan Mehta and Parent Mr. Avneesh Bhandari.

Teachers made their mark by achieving laurels for the school:-

A number of teachers of different subjects from the school are now trained Resource Persons and Master Trainers and are conducting workshops under the banner of DAV Centre for Academic Excellence.

I humbly received the following awards on behalf of the:-

Schooling for us in school is synonymous with discovery, growth and an organic whole of curricular and co-curricular activities and events.

Annual Exhibition EXPO 2017 was organized on the themes of International year of Sustainable Tourism 2017, making of a New India - saga of metamorphosis, sanskrit ik dharohar – India Unexplored and Resurgence - Rejuvenating Ganga. The Exhibition was inaugurated by distinguished guests Shri Shrideep Omchery, Chairman Sir, Prof. Gauhar Raza, Former Sr. Scientist, CSIR, Mrs. Usha R.K., Arts Consultant and Mrs. Adarsh Kohli, Manager of the school.

The Annual Interschool event CROSSROADS 2017, an array of Competitions, related to different subjects was very successful. Nearly 1300 students from 50 schools participated in 14 events.

Triumph - a speech and drama presentation by students of Helen O Grady Club of classes Pre Primary to VIII and the Zenith wing mesmerized parents. The Helen O Grady program introduced for students has been very instrumental in enhancing the communication skills of the children besides instilling confidence in theatre activities.

An array of interschool competitions - Praestantia 2017 was organized as a Microsoft Showcase School Event by Zenith Wing.

A Motivational Workshop was conducted under the aegis of the Times of India by Dr. Surakshit Goswami, a renowned spiritual scholar.

A Road Safety Campaign was organized in collaboration with Honda to sensitize students on safe driving and to obey safety rules on road.

Students of classes II to VI participated in Ensemble 2017, a live project display to promote innovation, encourage mass participation and hone subject skills. Guests on the occasion were Mr. S.C. Sharma, Director, Publications, DAVCMC and Mr. G.C. Gupta, Retd., Associate Prof., Hansraj College.

The yearly Kite Flying activity charged the class XII students who participated with great enthusiasm.

Khel Utsav which was held for classes II - XII and Zenith Wing generated a lot of excitement.

More than 100 students participated in Interschool Know for Sure 'Britannica Quiz' held in the school. Top 6 teams clashed for the coveted trophy.

A five days Book Fair was organized under the aegis of Scholastic India. As part of the event, students interacted with Mrs. Anupa Lal, eminent author, short story writer and translator.

Sambhaav, the Annual Craft Bazaar - a sale cum exhibition of handmade articles helped raise Rs. 2 lakhs. The money has been handed to DAVCMC to be donated to flood victims of Bihar.

Under Meet the Mentor programmes, talks were organized for class XII students by school alumnus Mr. Mukesh Aggarwal, Senior Engineering Manager in California, Mr. Sudhanshu Malhotra, CEO, Webcom Technologies and Mr. Deepak Goel, Director, IMET.

The school organized a Career Fair in association with Centre for Career Development in school.

Ten students of classes VIII, IX & X from the school participated in Peace Parliament and will be pioneer members of project of Govt. of India "Peace Clubs for Sustainability & Sustainability Clubs for Peace" to be initiated in the school to spread the message of Non Violence.

100 students of classes VII and VIII and 6 teachers were enrolled in the Guinness Book of World Records by their participation in formation of largest Human Lungs initiated by Lung Care Foundation.

As part of the teacher welfare activities, a health Check up activity along with a street food treat was organized for school staff on the occasion of Teacher's Day under the aegis of Fortis Hospital.

The school was the venue for the Zonal Skating Competition. Around 1300 students from 32 schools participated in the activity.

The Junior Wing at TP Block has grown over the years celebrating childhood, nurturing understanding and breeding success. A number of activities have ensuredparticipation of every student. These include celebration of National Festivals, Grandparents day, Chrysallis, Talentica and others.

The Zenith Wing has provided an opportunity for extended learning and developed perspectives that foster a global outlook. Learner Centric Methodology and customized activities with involvement of parents at each step foster excellence and innovation.

Student Exchange Programmes were organized to Russia and Egypt. The programmes propelled students towards acceptance and understanding of different cultures and different perspectives. The School hosted 8 students and 2 teachers from School#18, Achinsk, Russia under an Indo Russian Student Exchange Programme for a five days stay in India.

It is indeed a matter of great joy and honour that the school alumni is making their presence felt by their zealous organization of several activities and involvement in school events. They have served as judges in many school competitions, participated in fund raising activities and sponsored fees of needy students. The Sunday Funday has already drawn a large number of old students from their cocoons to join in friendly matches. Both the Alumni Cricket League and the DAV Pitampura Premier League have been greatly successful. A Dandiya Night was also organized. A mega reunion of the school alumni was organised. Around 1500 students and 200 teachers attended the event. The highlight of the event was the launch of 'Alumni Membership' and announcement of the forthcoming DUCL new team. The programme was graced by esteemed Chairman of the school Shri Shrideep Omchery, Vice President, DAVCMC and Dr. Nisha Peshin, Director PS, DAVCMC.

New initiativeshave been launched in different areas:-

The school continues to stand tall in its commitment to deliver quality education through high standards of pedagogy in a safe and secure environment.

Safety of the child in the school has been the school's prime concern. A review was done of the existing systems and under the guidance of Chairman Sir Shri Shrideep Omchery, a Safety and Security Committee was constituted. Parents of all classes were given an orientation by teachers apprising them of the steps taken by the school and their significant role in this regard.

The ongoing renovation work has seen the completion of renovation work in physics lab, chemistry labs, entrance area, boundary wall, and water harvesting project.

Leading the change in the education system while accepting both the positive and negative changes in the modern world, DLDAV Pitampura finds itself dedicated to preparing the coming generation for the changing world and what is yet to come. It believes in lifting the students and the community to an intellectual level where imagination is the prime attribute, and discovery and creativity are the keys to success. Its goal is no more limited to mere ensuring the survival of the student in an outer world but to make sure that even the last child of the school excels in the field of his choice and accomplishes his aspirations. Respecting the child's well-being and his dreams, the school aims to raise a generation of trail blazers who can bring humans closer to humanity.

I would like to conclude with these words

At every turn and trail we took, there was something to remind,
The makers must have had a plan laid out for mankind,
A thousand dreams to materialize through the years
And use the force and power to challenge pioneers.

The school has been the legacy we cultivate and reap,
Quality Education has been the heritage our fathers strived to keep
And we are bound throughout our time with those who came before,
To put our hearts and souls into it and make it something more.

Thank You.