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Ensemble 2017
Students of classes II to VI participated in Ensemble 2017, a live project display of club activities and Math, Science and English subject activities.  Based on the maxims ?learning by doing? and  ?Fun with learning? the exhibition encouraged mass participation and helped hone skills.  It kindled curiosity, developed scientific attitude and enhanced mathematical abilities.  Guests on the occasion were Mr. S.C. Sharma, Director, Publications, DAVCMC and Mr. G.C. Gupta, Retd. Associate Prof., Hansraj College.  They congratulated the school Principal for the excellence visual appeal created through art and chart work and the mesmerizing performances of the children. Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra appreciated the tireless efforts of the Supervisory Incharges Mrs. Poonam Arora, Mrs. Ritu Mahajan, Staff and students on the grand success of the program.
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D.L. DAV Model School, Pitampura organized CROSSROADS 2017, an array of Interschool competitions, related to different subjects with the aim of fostering creativity and innovation, honing interpersonal skills and exploring talent.  Nearly 1300 students from 50 schools participated in 14 events.  The competitions included Salute India, Voc Trove, Sci-Infotainment, Valeurs Galore, Robotask, Resonance Artefact, Bridge, Kaavya Manchan, Crazy Math, Health Domain and Biznomics.

The competitions were judged by a panel of eminent jury members from different walks of life.  Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra congratulated the participants for their overwhelming response and appreciated their outstanding performances.  The trophy for overall Best Performance was bagged by the host school but awarded to Goodley Public School, Shalimar Bagh securing second highest total points in all events. Crossroads 2017 was a grand success.

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Student Exchange Program to Egypt
D.L. DAV Model School, Pitampura organized an Indian Egyptian Student Cultural Exchange Program.  The program was undertaken by eight students and two teachers.  The team visited Modern Vision Language School in Egypt where they gave a mesmerizing cultural program and interacted with students.  A presentation was given on the education system of India and the activities of the school.  A number of activities were organized by the host school to allow the Indian and Egyptian students to interact with each other and understand the culture better.  Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra expressed great happiness on the success of the program and conveyed that the visit would built long friendly relation not just between countries and individuals but between cultures and traditions.  

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A capacity building program was organized for English teachers of classes III ? X of cluster I under the aegis of DAVCAE and DAVCMC.  Around 130 teachers or cluster I attended the 3 days seminar.
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Road Safety Campaign
D.L. DAV Model School, Pitampura organized Road Safety Campaign in collaboration with Honda to sensitize students on safe driving and to obey safety rules on road. Students of the Road Safety Club aimed to raise awareness in and around school area about responsible behavior about people on roads.  This would attract attention and support of public authorities, civil societies and children for the cause of safer roads for public. Students of classes III and IV had a real life experience of Pillion Driving on mini motorcycles.  Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra congratulated project coordinators Mrs. Seema Agarwal and Ms. Neeta Chhabra on their successful implementation of the project.
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EXPO 2017 ? Zenith Wing
D.L. DAV Model School, Pitampura organised EXPO 2017 to celebrate International Year of Sustainable Tourism.  As part of the theme students of Zenith Wing - classes I to VIII presented Resurgence - Rejuvenation of Ganga to manifest the Importance of the sacred river, its mythological origination, its impact on ethics and Indian value system. The presentation highlighted the condition of the river in the present scenario, which is polluted with sewage, trash and toxic chemicals and was based on the project Namami Ganga - of the Indian Government.  Students pledged to save the river by campaigning and urging people to keep it clean.  Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra congratulated the Zenith Wing Incharge Mrs. Gargi Chhabra, her staff and students for the excellent team work displayed.
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Student Exchange Programme to Russia
A Student Exchange Programme was organized under the aegis of DAVCMC between DLDAV Model School, Pitampura and School 18, Achinsk, Russia.  The programme was undertaken by nine students and  two teachers- Mrs. Purnima Khanna and Mrs. Gargi Chhabra.
During their stay students and teachers got acquainted with the city of Achinsk, Russian tradition and culture and communicated with the pupils and teachers of the school. Excursions to famous places of the city were also organized. They also met the city administration and had a conversation with the Mayor of Achinsk IU. Akhmetov and participated in an online conference "Global Education, Paths, Opportunities, Prospects. The event was telecast live by two local TV Channels of Russia. Principal, Mrs. Anita Wadehra, conveyed that such International learning and knowledge would propel students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives.

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DarbariLal DAV Model School, Pitampura organized Rejuvenation ? Motivational Address for teachers and Felicitation Ceremony of class XII students by school Chairman Shri Shrideep Omchery.  In his address to the teachers and students, Mr. Omchery congratulated them on their success in Board examination and school endeavours.  He urged the teachers to prepare themselves to take up stringent challenges and to avail opportunities as they come.  He hoped that they would not become complacent with the accomplishments but move ahead to scale greater heights.  He then awarded students for excelling in class XII CBSE Board Examination.  Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra expressed gratitude to Chairman Sir for being a beacon of light and inspiration for everybody in the school.
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Meet My Mentor
DLDAV Model School Pitam Pura organised an educational workshop for the students of class XII on" Belief Structure and Career" by Mr. Deepak Goel, Director @IMET and a school alumnus. He guided the students on the power of sub conscious mind and how they could map their minds for permanent learning. He also elaborated they could have different perspectives for the same problem and the plan of action to have the best outcome. He addressed queries of students and spoke on the new emerging careers and their future prospects. Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra appreciated Mr. Deepak for his enlightening and enriching talk to students and guidance on a pertinent subject.
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DarbariLal DAV Model School, Pitampura organized Annual Exhibition EXPO 2017 on the themes of International year of Sustainable Tourism 2017, Making of a New India ? Saga of Metamorphosis, Sanskritik Dharohar ? India Unexplored and Resurgence ? Rejuvenating Ganga.  The Exhibition was inaugurated by Shri Shrideep Omchery, Vice President, DAVCMC and Chairman of the School.  Other distinguished guests included Prof. Gauhar Raza, Former Sr. Scientist, CSIR,  Mrs. Usha R.K. Arts Consultant and Mrs. Adarsh Kohli, Manager.
A kaleidoscope of students? talent, creativity, innovation and knowledge, EXPO 2017 also gave wings to the dreams of students. Besides enchanting displays, mesmerizing performances, captivating presentations, students impressed the guests with their vast awareness and sense of responsibility towards the planet.  The highlights of the event were Live Displays, Presentations, Virtual games and others.  Students of Zenith wing presented a project on Rejuvenation of River Ganga based on the Namami Ganga Project of the Indian Government. Chief Guest Shri Omchery congratulated the Principal, Staff and Students for the amazing experience and the excellent display of teamwork and skills.  He expressed confidence that students of the school would lead an active life with responsibility and competence in future.
Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra conveyed that EXPO 2017 would inculcate values, enrich education and lead students to lifelong learning.
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