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Mahatma Hansraj Day Assembly Classes : VI A, B, C

Darbari Lal DAV Model School, Pitampura hosted ALUMNI REUNION ? a gettogether of the old students of the school to celebrate 25 years of delivering a legacy of excellence and of spawning more than 75,000 leaders across the globe.  A crowd of more than 400 alumni of different batches attended the function which was permeated by nostalgia.  Students recalled past memories and fondly mingled with teachers and friends.  The cultural programme included dances by Tushar, Lata, Bhawna besides a Kathak recital by Ashutosh.  The highlight of the day was a Hasya Kavi Sammelan by renowned poet Mr. Anil Agravanshi and a Bollywood style contemporary dance by school alumnus, choreographer Mr. Atul Jindal 2002 Batch, who has choreographed celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, and Yo Yo Honey Singh.  The Chief Guest on the occasion was Sh. Shrideep Omchery, Vice President, DAVCMC and Chairman of the school.  He expressed great joy at the success of the students in life and appreciated their efforts to remain connected to the school through various activities like Sunday-Funday, grant of scholarships, conduct of seminars etc.  Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra congratulated the core team members-teachers Ms. Charu & Ms. Purnima and alumnistudent members Mr. Sudhanshu, Mr. Lalit, Mr. Jitendra Jindal, Mr. Sachin Nagpal, Mr. Manoj Adwani, Mr. Sanjay Poddar, Mr. Ankur Jain in making the event a success. Mr. Manoj Mittal, CEO, DAV United congratulated Principal, staff and students for the excellent show.

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Meet the Mentor

DLDAV Model School, Pitampura arranged a special session of ?MEET THE MENTOR? for students of class X aspiring to take up Medical Stream in class XI.  Alumni students Tarun Rana, Tanisha and Kashish Grover, who secured admission in Maulana Azad Medical College were invited to share their experiences related to preparation of CBSE Exam and Entrance exams, time management, stress management, coaching and others.  They conveyed to them the importance of understanding and clarity of concepts in the NCERT textbooks of classes XI and XII, managing time between different subjects, significance of reference books and countering difficulties that rose in certain subjects.  The mentors answered a number of questions on the challenges faced in pursuing Medical Career. Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra congratulated Tarun, Tanisha and Kashish for giving invaluable guidance to the juniors and for their commendable achievement.

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Career Counselling Workshop

DLDAV Model School, Pitampura, organized a workshop on ?Career Options through Digital India; changes in University and add on Courses for class XII students of the Commerce and Humanities Stream and students of other schools.  Around 700 students from 10 schools participated in the fair co organized by Centre for Career Development.  Eminent Counsellor Mr. Jitin Chawla, CEO, CCD, Spoke on Digital India Initiative of the government which will result in a number of new careers like cyber security, digital marketing, online journalism, ethical hacking, networking, data warehousing, software services and cyber forensics.  He also gave information about new universities started by the Govt. which offer a new pattern of education and a variety of new courses.  Other speakers on the occasion were Mr. Abdullah Ahmed and Ms. Rekha Chaudhary who apprised students of the upcoming and merging fields and trends.

Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra urged the students to clear doubts so that they make take wise decisions while chartering out a successful career course for themselves. Mr. Jitin Chawla, CEO, CCD, congratulated the Principal and staff for the successful organization of the big event.

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Students of class XII of DLDAV Model School, Pitampura participated in a Kite Flying Competition organized in the school on the occasion Independence Day.  The class wise activity drew an overwhelming response of the students who brought and decorated colourful kites for the event.  Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra declared the event open.  She urged the students to rise above petty prejudices and explore the limitless sky like the kites.  The competition was judged on the basis of the height of the kites flown, the number of kites cut and for the creative and innovative kites.

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INSPIRE Internship Programme 2015

16 students of class XI of DLDAV Model School, Pitampuraparticipated in INSPIRE Internship Programme 2015 organised by D S Kothari Centre for Research and Innovation in Science Education, Miranda House, University of Delhi.  The students attended talks by eminent scientists and conducted experiments in the labs of Miranda House College.  Motivational talks were given by Mr. Harshvardhan Chitale, CEO, Philips, South Asia, Dr. Subhash Khushu (INMAS), Prof. Anurag Sharma, IIT-D, Optics, Prof. Kankan Bhattacharya (IACS), Kolkata, Mr. Abhishek Raju, CSO, Dhruva Space, Dr. Tessy Thomas, DRDO, Dr. Subhadra Menon and Mr. Pallava Bagla, Author of India?s Journey to Mars and Beyond.

Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra urged the students to involve themselves in such programmes for hands-on experience and practical understanding of the subject.

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D.L. DAV Model School, Pitampura organized CROSSROADS 2015, an array of Interschool competitions, related to different subjects with the aim of fostering creativity and innovation, honing interpersonal skills and exploring talent.  Nearly 1000 students from 60 schools participated in 13 events.  The competitions included Innova attire, Voc Trove, Worter - Strophe, Sci-Infotainment, Robotask, Resonance Artefact, Bridge - E Mechano,  M Quest, Green Salvage, Gen Next Aspirations, Ekal Abhinaya, Health Domain, Kosmic Xtravaganza and Biznomics.

The competitions were judged by a panel of eminent jury members from different walks of life.  The host school was declared first for Overall Best Performance but the Trophy was awarded to DAV Public School, Pushpanjali, Pitampura.  Principal Mrs. Anita Wadehra congratulated the participants for their overwhelming response and appreciated their outstanding performances. Shri. Shrideep  Omchery, Chairman of the school gave away the trophy and prizes to the school participants.  He appreciated their performances which he witnessed.

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DLDAV Model School, Pitampura is the first school in West Delhi to launch archery for students.  The archery range was inaugurated by Shri Shrideep Omchery, Vice President, DAVCMC and Chairman of the school amidst great fanfare.  Training in the sport will be provided by expert coaches to students before school in the morning.  Chairman Sh. Omchery congratulated the Principal for the initiative in introducing popular stream in sports.  Principal Mrs. Wadehra expressed joy at the overwhelming response of students for archery.
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